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Time For A Brief, Time For A Brand New Pair
07.02.2021 | Geekinshoes | Geek in Shoes


Welcome to Geekinshoes

A short brief shall be the top priority before you explore the vibes. 

Geekinshoes was originally a workshop for design fashion items and accessories. Inspired by the idea that Everyone is a Designer, the customization line was launched to help the trend-catchers to pick up their own shoes with their own tags and personalities. 
In recent 5 years, Geekinshoes have built partnership with social media KOL, Fashion Influencers on a series of Design by Customers. 
Such influence has gone much beyond the themes like Animation, Urban Life, Nature, Freshness and so on. 
We are glad to see the customers coming with their own whimscal ideas to express their understanding to the shoes. 
We are now issuing Wholesale/Group Design program for local communities, organizations, KOLs as well as local distributors.
We still hold firm the concept of Customizing is not about just a pair of shoes, but a cultural creed that a group holds.

Join Us on this Amazing Program...

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